Bin El Ouidane

Sportive Canyon - Full Day

The Aït Issimour canyon is a little gem of the Atlas.
Right in the heart of the fabulous mountains of the Tadla-Azilal region, it majestically dominates the Bin El Ouidane Lake.
The walk to the canyon follows an enchanting path, after traversing the dark «two mouths » grotto; we encounter a small river along our unusual route known only to insiders.
Get ready for lots of abseiling descents, some of which are up to 25m high!

  • Level: “Sports Canyon”(15 years and up)

  • Groups: 4 to 10 people

  • Available: March to October

  • Activity duration: all day (6h including 45min walk back)

  • Location: Ben El Ouidane region


80 €

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