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Aïn Belmesk

Aïn Belmesk Crag Climbing-Half Day

Located 115km from Casablanca and 140km from Marrakech, Aïn Belmesk is the most renowned climbing site near Casablanca. The French Alpine Club are the main drivers of the development of this site.
The first routes were set up in the 80s in Taghaia (zone 1).
However in 2012, a second zone, Gagou, was created a little further on in the massif.
The entire zone offers rock climbing on quartzite, a type of rock that is much harder and compact than limestone.
Both sites border on a small river, between palm trees and prickly pears.
This is what we call wilderness; the landscapes are authentic and will not fail to transport you to another world!

  • Level: beginner to intermediate 6c (suitable for 12 years and up)

  • Groups : minimum 6 people

  • Available: November to April

  • Activity duration: 4h (9am-1pm or 1pm-5pm)

  • Location: Aïn Belmesk, near Settat

  • Full day trips are available : 50€/pers (bring a picnic and a bottle of water)


35 €

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Benslimane Crag climbing – Half Day

Only 75km from Casablanca and 55km from Rabat, you can access this crag within less than an hour, perfect to enjoy stress free rock climbing.
If you want to avoid tourist crowds taking pictures and disregarding the environment, it’s best to avoid this site during summer, from April onward. However from November to March, the area is deserted and you can hear birds singing between climber’s shouts.
In this green oasis, climbing has developed here since the 80’s thanks to the French Alpine Club of Casablanca.
You will, no doubt, be mesmerized by this limestone massif and the small charming river running through it.

  • Level : beginner to intermediate 6c (suitable for 12 years and up)

  • Groups : minimum 6 people

  • Available : November to April

  • Activity duration : 4h (9am-1pm or 1pm-5pm)

  • Location : Ben Slimane region, between Casa and Rabat

  • Full day trips are available : 55€/pers (bring a picnic and a bottle of water)


40 €

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