Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is a sport that attracts more and more enthusiasts worldwide. It’s a mix between nature and urban, adventure and safety, physical and mental exercise.
It enhances muscle co-ordination and motor skills and is also used for socio-educational purposes. It can empower young people by providing them with principles of trust and respect.
Even though climbing is largely practiced today on artificial walls, nothing compares to the experience of the natural environment.

In Morocco
Climbing took off here in the early 70s. Almost all climbers are European or American and even though it may be unintentional they are the main drivers of rock climbing’s development in the country. So you can be assured the sites present a range of challenges and stunning surroundings.
We offer a selection of the best well-known areas, along with some exclusive secret spots!
The sites are regularly visited and maintained by your guide.

We provide:
All technical equipment including harness, helmet, climbing shoes (all to EPI standard).
And a friendly guide!

You need to bring:
Comfortable clothes that enable wide movements, a good pair of sports trainers. For activities lasting all day, bring energy bars and a picnic.

Our establishment has professional public liability insurance which covers you during activities.

Bouldering: A form of rock climbing that is performed at a lower height without the use of ropes or harnesses.
Most climbers use bouldering mats and a good friend to spot you to prevent injuries from falls.
It’s fun and a great way to practice technique and build strength.
Crag Climbing: Learning to lead climb on a small area of climbing routes, often just a small cliff face or a few boulders.
Multi Pitch Route: Climbing on routes that are too long for a single belay rope. The summit can be over 300m high. It’s a unique and almost spiritual experience.
Traditional Climbing: A style of climbing that emphasizes the adventure and exploratory nature of climbing. While sport climbers generally will use pre-placed protection (“bolts”), traditional (or “trad”) climbers will place their own protection as they climb, generally carried with them on a rack.
Activity time includes gearing up, briefing, the duration of the activity, debriefing, returning to base, and removal of the equipment.
Land Rover shuttle: The activity includes transport in a 4×4 Beldi.

Let’s go climbing !


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