A few miles from Chefchaouen is the small village of Akchour, the name alone of this amazing place is enough to bring a gleam to the eye of canyon addicts.
For those who know of it, the only word articulated in answer will be: « when?! ».
For those who don’t, words cannot describe the essence of this blessed soil, situated in northern Morocco, where time seems to stop for you to indulge in the tranquil surroundings.
We shall, together, go and explore Akchour, deep in Canyons, high up on rising cliffs, or simply trekking along a river.
Meet up point: the Rif, get ready, this is going to be amazing!

Aquatic Trekking - Full Day

The Farda River offers one of the most stunning river treks in Morocco.
A 30 minute walk through local cultures will lead us to the river’s bed. That’s where we gear up.
After a short briefing, the first slide is close by, and plenty of jumps and deep crystal clear water pools will follow, until we finally reach God’s Bridge, a natural arch over 80m high.

  • Level : “Sportive Canyon” (suitable for ages 15+)

  • Groups : 5 to 10 people

  • Available : all year round

  • Activity duration : all day (6h)

  • Location : Chefchaouen region


80 €

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Expedition Canyon – 2 Days

The Ifarsa canyon, renamed « Abyss » and called « Akka’n Abysse » in Berbers’ spoken, is an engaging canyon.
It is 15h mule is loaded, a 2:00 approach walking on a trail exceptional and very little frequented leads us to a small village perched 750m above sea level at the start of the canyon, one night in stage gite is needed .
Fadal family welcome us warmly.
6:30 alarm clock, quickly a good breakfast and the wetsuit are sent, the first rappelling is not far.
Will be linked together many acrobatics walking in the rocks and rappelling in the middle of lush vegetation and clear water.
The river is wild, there’s no escaping it, a few large Mago (local monkeys) are occasionally spotted and often leave a distinctive smell behind.
A certain amount of autonomy in rappelling is required to fulfill the 15 waterfalls of this adventure in a wild flavors of Jurassic Park.

  • Level : “Expedition Canyon” (suitable for ages 18+)

  • Groups : 4 to 6 people

  • Available: Avril to November

  • Activity duration: 2 days (2h approach walking and 10h00 canyoning)

  • Location : Chefchaouen regio

  • Includes 2 half-board nights, a picnic, a mule and a canyon

  • Transport : not included (meeting point near Chefchaouen or contact us)


1400 MAD - 125 €

Info - Reservations


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