On the Jemaa El Fnaa square in Marrakech, an old story teller recounts:
« There is a magical river running through a mysterious land, not far from here. This water, clear an pure, springs from the high mountains, creating seven waterfalls. If you find this river, drink from its source and you shall be cured of all ailments that afflict you. »
Are you ready for an adventure? Let’s go !

Initiation Canyon – Half Day

This is our most popular canyon!
Ideal for families, it will delight even the boldest adventurers wishing to initiate to canyoning.
All types of obstacles are found along this route: small jumps, slides, abseiling descents and caving.
The perfect canyon for a first try!

  • Level : “Initiation Canyon” (suitable for ages 12+)

  • Groups : 4 to 10 people

  • Available: all year round

  • Activity duration : 4h (9am-1pm or 1pm-5pm)

  • Location : Ourika valley


600 MAD - 55 €

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Sportive Canyon - Full Day

This is a great way to discover the famous Setti Fatma waterfalls.
Between riverside restaurants selling Tagines and Sunday picnickers, this canyon is also a folklore immersion of sorts.
Expect applause at the bottom of the last descents, the people there call us “the stuntmen” !
Even though the canyon is mainly known for its beauty, it’s still dynamic and active !

  • Level : “Sports Canyon” (suitable for ages 15+)

  • Groups : 4 to 10 people

  • Available : all year round

  • Activity duration : all day (6h)

  • Location : Ourika valley


800 MAD - 75 €

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Expedition Canyon - Full Day

We will wake early to meet at 8h30 in the Ourika Valley, then set off for a 30 minute Land Rover drive down a chaotic path! Our destination is an authentic Berber village at the foot of the Yagourt Plateau. We will then load the mule with all our gear. Now the adventure begins…
The walk up to the canyon ends on high pathways looking down on traditional terraced agriculture in the village left behind. A stunning view!
You will finally reach the Yagourt plateau at an altitude of 2635m, its high pastures dominate the lowland of Marrakech.
The source of the canyon’s spring emerges from these surroundings. It starts out as a small innocuous river which soon turns into abseil descents reaching up to 40m.
So here’s the program, a change of scenery and a day loaded with adrenaline!

  • Level : “Expedition Canyon” (suitable for ages 15+)

  • Groups : 4 to 8 people

  • Available : all year round

  • Activity duration : long day (7h including 1h30 hike with the mule)

  • Location : Ourika valley


900 MAD - 85 €

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