5day/4night Climbing Trip – Chefchaouen Region

For the past few years, sounds of drilling and clipping have echoed off the “Rif”, a chain of mountains bordering the Mediterranean in the North of Morocco. We may be far from the desert, but the couscous and red rocks are worthy of postcards.
During the summer the classic climbs in the South (Todra, Amallego, Taghia) turn into furnaces under the glare of mid-summer sun, and sun-cream consumption reaches an unreasonable amount. No need to check, we’ve tried it for you!
The climate is more bearable in the north, the Talembote River runs at the foot of the magnificent Caïat cliff, so you can dive into deep water pools and swim under waterfalls between climbs! The location, near the Mediterranean, also makes this area an ideal summer destination. The starts of the climbs are only 28km from the deserted beaches between Oued Laou and Targhat. In short, don’t forget to pack your swimming suit along with your ropes and quickdraws.
The Caïat cliff is split into various sub-sections, which are between 15mins and 1h30 apart. This is where you will find all the multi pitch and single pitch routes.
This enormous band of dolomitic limestone reaches 450m at its highest point, and stretches over tens of kilometers. A sacred mountain for the indigenous, it imposes respect by its impressive blue columns which adorn the cliff façade.
The first routes were created in 2004 in Akchour, and there are now over 200 distributed over 25 sites.

Accommodation: The Lounge Caïat Hostel which is run by a Portuguese host, or the renowned and recently renovated Café Rueda, will welcome you in a comfortable, calm and authentic environment, with fantastic views of the area.

  • Level : beginner to intermediate 6c (suitable for ages 12 and over)

  • Groups : minimum 4 people

  • Available : all year round

  • Location : Akchour, Chefchaouen region

  • Four nights full board


3000 MAD - 270 €

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