Agadir has been described in many ways: the «heart of the world», the «supreme spiritual centre of the legendary city Agartha». The Arabs say the Qâf Mountain is unreachable: «neither by earth nor by sea», The Persians say it is a «trip to immortality», and the Greeks call it Olympus. In short, it is Paradêsha, Pardes or Paradise.
In this supreme region flows a river called the «River from above» or Gangâ by the Hindus.
The water runs down in swirling currents, it is a «sea of passion» that one must cross in order to reach great peace.
What we are offering you is nothing short of paradise. So come and walk with us on heavenly waters, as did Vishnu or Christ and finally reach peace of your soul and a state of ataraxia.

Sportive Canyon - Full Day

Voted most beautiful canyon in Morocco, it is accessible to anyone who can swim.
This canyon is just perfect; the photos below speak for themselves.
Nested in a green valley full of palm trees, the fun and beauty of this route will leave you lost for words.
Pools the size of Olympic swimming pools, jumps over 10m high, insane slides, it’s a a natural water park !

  • Level: “sports canyon” (15 years and up)

  • Groups : 4 to 10 people

  • Available: December to April

  • Activity duration: all day (6h including 15mins to get there and a 20min walk back)

  • Location:  Agadir region


80 €

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