Aquatic trekking – Full Day

The Ouzoud waterfalls, dubbed the Moroccan Niagara falls, are a major tourist destination and a must for anyone wishing to discover the country.
With Esprit Vertical, you will discover these falls from a new light, we’re inviting you to experience them from the inside !
Get ready for jumps off cliffs over 10m high, natural slides and stunning swimming spots !

  • Level : “Sportive Canyon” (suitable for ages 15+)

  • Groups : 4 to 10 people

  • Available : all year round

  • Activity duration : all day (6h including 45min walk back)

  • Location : Ouzoud waterfalls


80 €

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Sportive Canyon - Full Day

The few people that are familiar with these caves call them Troglodytes Canyon, this mythical place is an unspoiled and unknown gem of the Atlas.
At the foot of magnificent sacred cliff, used for refuge by ancestral people since the dawn of time, the mystical atmosphere in this canyon is sure to captivate you.
After travelling on the dryer parts with a few abseiling descents, it’s time for a picnic by the riverside before slipping on your neoprene suit for the last part of the adventure: the aquatic trek.
Float along with the currents deep in the wild and elusive gorges of the Abid River. The surroundings are stunning.

  • Level : “Sports Canyon” (à partir de 15 ans)

  • Groups : 4 to 10 people

  • Available : all year round

  • Activity duration : all day (7h including 1h30 walk back)

  • Location : Ouzoud waterfalls region


80 €

Info - Reservations


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