In the days when wars and ethnic conflicts ruled the mountains of North Africa, legend has it that when battles dragged on, tribal leaders would gather in a sacred place to draw up a pact of peace. They had to travel over 600m of steep terrain, crossing aerial walkways, to get to the top of Tamga Amsferane, home of the sacred ritual.
Also called “Cathedral Rocks” for its shape, this sedimentary rock has become a world renowned spot for base-jumpers.

Sportive Canyon - Full Day

30mins by Land Rover followed by an hour long walk will lead us deep into Berber terrain before starting our descent into this wild and splendid canyon.
The flow of the river is at its highest in spring, offering the best natural water slides and small jumps into crystal clear pools.
This place has been voted the most beautiful in Morocco!

  • Level : “sportive” (15 years and up)

  • Groups : 5 to 10 people

  • Available : March, April, May

  • Activity duration : all day (6h, including 1h walk to the canyon and 30mins walk back)

  • Location : Cathedral region

  • Access to the start of the walk: Land Rover (30min)


80 €

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Many epic stories have originated from Assif Talmest, about mountaineering warriors who set out to defeat an ogre with jagged limestone teeth.
Some say it’s the toughest canyon in Morocco; it’s definitely one of the most feared due to the heavy flow of the river.
Located near a small village on top of a high plateau, the start of the canyon is accessed by Land Rover over a turbulent road.

Extreme Canyon - Full Day

  • Level : “Extreme” (suitable for ages 18+)

  • Groups : 5 to 8 people

  • Available : April – June and September – November

  • Activity duration :  all day (8h : including a 45min walk back)

  • Location : Cathedral region


95 €

Info - Reservations


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